Support with implementation HDTV


Ministry of Economic Affairs

George Freriks supports the ministry of Economic Affairs in their attempt to speed-up the implementation of HDTV. After the successful ‘HD-dagen’ (HD days) the ministry will now take up talks with players in the field to see how the implementation of HDTV can be accelerated. George was a co-organizer of the HD-dagen.

HD Dagen Update

The guests of the HD Dagen Update where brought up to date on the status of HDTV introduction on to the Dutch TV screens through a varied program. Ferry Kesselaar of the NOS (Dutch public television station) looked back at the ‘Summer of Sports in HD’ including the European Championship Football, the Tour de France and the Olympics. Then Barbara Schouten from GfK Benelux Marketing Services presented sales figures of HD devices and software.
After that, there were three short presentations by Ivo Lochtman (UPC), Frans Schrijver (Ziggo) en Kees Färber van (CanalDigitaal) on the HD supply for Dutch households. Their presentations made it clear that consumers are massively buying HD devices, but are far more passive in obtaining matching HD subscriptions.

The award ceremony was also part of the HD-dagen Update.Winner was The Entertainment Group for their registration of Dutch popstar Marco Borsato’s concert Symphonica in Rosso in the Gelredome in Arnhem.

George Freriks as moderator

George Freriks as moderator