Innovation platform care & tourism


Gooi- en Vechtstreek region

TwoMinds provided two forerunners for the Gooi- en Vechtstreek region. They set up two innovation platforms on behave of the sectors care and tourism. This successfully lead to the founding of iZovator. Read this website for more information about the launch (Dutch).


During the launch of iZovator, there was a paneldiscussion in which Jouko Huismans participated.

Wouter Bos launches iZovator

Vice-president Wouter Bos launched iZovator. He pleaded to not only look at the costs for care. We should primarily see the sector as one with substantial financial stakes and very valuable services for the community.

George Freriks interviewt vice-premier Wouter Bos

Speech Hans Hillen, chairman of iZovator

Hans Hillen will be the chairman of the innovation platform iZovator. He convinced the audience that this platform will profit from his guidance, despite his busy schedule.