About TwoMinds

TwoMinds is specialized in telecommunication, broadband and media. We have an entrepreneurial work style. Together with partners and clients we create and organize a stimulating environment for innovation and creativity. The people at TwoMinds have years of experience in the media industry and built up much substantive knowledge on change management. TwoMinds uses this knowledge to innovate the world of media and to consult clients on strategical issues. In the area of broadband policy, TwoMinds is responsible for a number of strategic innovations. Our work is best characterized by entrepreneurship and innovation.

TwoMinds has the ambition to be a leading player in the broadband and media industry. We want to realize this by sharing knowledge, interact and co-operated with others. TwoMinds is always open for new approaches and partnerships.

TwoMinds originated from the activities of Ton van Mil (TwoMinds Management) and Jouko Huismans (Huismans Management Consult BV). The tight bond between the two companies lead to a merge on January 1st and thus the founding of TwoMinds.